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So... I'm a slacker and I am sorry for that. However, I was on Spring Break in Las Vegas, so my absence is excused, yes? Next chapter is editing but I'm going to post it on wednesday, which, by the way, is my least favorite day of the week. I think it's just a horrible day. It's also my longest day.

May have a potential job, I'm excited. Also, the Magical Tuition Fairy has been kinder to me than it should have been and I am going to continue to thank my lucky stars. Means I can start paying back the Evil Loan Devil. Being in debt til I die is not in my cards, I'm afraid.

Let's seee.... I've sword off blond boys. We don't like those anymore. A friend passed away recently. I'm still out of sorts. I mean, he was there one day and just not the next. Car crash. We're getting together on Monday for a memorial thingy. I'll probably cry again, which does not please me, but it's necessary. Oh! After I found out, I got a fortune cookie that said, "Sometimes it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive." Uhm... not pleased with that one, but what are the odds?

I really do have the most curious luck. Ok, I'm done now. I'll try to post on wednesday, I hope that you guys all had an awesome week. ^_^

Without a Net Chapter Three

So I meant to post this on Wednesday, really, I did, but things just did not go the way that I had planned. It's getting to the interesting part soon, I promise.

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Without a Net Chapter 2

I meant to post this yesterday, and I tried, but the internet in my building was terrible. No one was able to get on long enough to do anything. :| Was not pleased. Anywho, new chapter. I think my favorite one is chapter 4... I can't remember off the top of my head.

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... Err?

Ok... so is anyone else getting random comments that have absolutely nothing to do with your posts? I mean, I suppose the shark bag does pertain to my story a bit... I used the word shark but really? I dunno how I feel about this.

Seriously, is this happening to any of you guys?


Without a Net Chapter 1

Title: Without a Net
Rating: NC - 17
Warnings: Eventually graphic sex.
Summary: Darco Davis is a multimillionare. He's smart and kind of an asshole, but he's content. Well, that's not true. He's obsessed with something that could change his life forever.
A/N: I meant to post this earlier today, but I kinda got sidetracked. Here's to hoping that I don't vanish again. I actually like this one, so we'll see. ^_^

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So, I think if I promise to post, I will actually post. So, on wedesday, I am going to post the first chapter of Without a Net. I'm kinda proud of this one because it's set in a time period that I'm no used to writing about, and the main chracter is very different. it's not my usual style, and I like it for that.

Speaking of different, I'm attempting to publish a Cyberpunk story, I sent it in and I will know in two weeks. If they don't want it, I'll share it for free. I won't be heart broken if they tell me no. That just means I get to give it away for free. Anywho, it's pretty different. Another story out of my comfort zone.



I feel like such a horrible person... I mean, I even made a posting schedule and I couldn't follow it. On the other hand, I finally finished this monster of a story I'd been working on. It's over 70,000 words, which is the longest I've ever written. I'm in the process of editing it... so it may very well see the light of day. One of my friends is reading the rough draft and it sounds like she adores it... and she wants to draw pictures for it, so maybe. ^_^

I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the year, no matter what holiday you happen to celibrate. Here's to hoping I can keep up with my own plans for posting.

Forces of Nature 11/20

Ok... so it took me forever to edit this, but I am only a day late this time. Also, I have made friends interested in reading my slash stories. I am mucho pleased yes I am ^_^ Also, wooing the pretty blond boy is starting to work! Yus! He gives the best hugs ever and smells like yumm.

Anywho onto the story?

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Forces of Nature 10/20

Wo-oh we're halfway there! (Bon Jovi rocks my socks... ) Anywho... sorry about the delay... I feel terrible. It's really weird having people always wanting my free time... I dunno how I feel about it yet.

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Forces of Nature 9/20

So I have a really long lunch on mondays. Yay me! Also, being able to wake up at 8? Can we say awesome?

Oh, guy in which I had the hot date with did not work out in the end. We had fun but it was decided, by both of us, that I was too smart for him.

Anywho, enough about me. On to the chapter! Also, have decided this is not my favorite of the stories I have written. *nod nod* (Read: I think I kinda hate it)

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